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Great Grace Church of God In Christ

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You need to go to Church

Posted on January 8, 2011 at 3:59 PM Comments comments (38)
Many people feel that they do not have to go to Church, because as they say "We are the Church."  Individuals are the Church, as well as the collective body of believers make up the Church.  So, we are the Church and we make up the Church.  There are also those who say that they can get what they need at home.  Well, whenever we get sick we go to the place where there are people who specialize is handling our situation.  We won't sit at home while blood is gushing from us and say "I don't need the hospital, because I can get the medical care I need right here."  No, we get up and go to the person that is an expert in handling medical emergencies.  God has placed those of us who specialize in His Word, and who are experts in the matters of eternity, in the Church.  You can sit at home all you want and slowly bleed to death or you can go to the House of God and have an expert look at your condition and give the word that will inspire, train, teach and rebuke so you will be made complete.  What do you think?