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Day 1- The Journey Begins

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 8:40 AM
As I sit here at the Syracuse airport waiting to board my flight to Israel, this is mixed emotions going through my mind. 

I am mostly thinking about how I wished I had showered again before leaving for the airport! It has been a busy hot day; going into work, making sure all my clinical notes are up to date, going to the barbershop getting a "fresh cut" and talking trash about the Dodgers and the Patriots to the Cowboys crew (they know who they are), going to the mall with my wife to get some clothes (can't go to Israel looking any kind of way), meeting with a brother from the church who dropped a word in my spirit and I in his, then finally rushing to the airport trying to make sure that I get through security in time to catch my flight to JFK.  Hopefully you can see now why I need a shower!

I'm also sitting here anxious to get to the Holy Land, so that 

1) I can see for myself that what we preach about is true.  I know we go on faith on someone else's experience, but to experience it for yourself is in my opinion, a greater teacher. 

2) I'm looking forward to getting the Word from an Eastern perspective, versus the Western viewpoint that I've been getting all my life (I want the Word to speak to me like never before), 
3) I want to have an experience with God that will loose me from every thing that has attached itself to my life that is hindering my progress, via spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical. 

Continuing, I'm looking at how God is already showing his favor on me.  Arriving at the airport, my concern was that I would have to get to JFK and get my luggage off this flight, then have to go back through security to catch my flight to Tel Aviv.  But getting here, the airline staff informed me that JetBlue has a partnership with El Al airlines and so I won't have to touch my baggage until I get to Tel Aviv.  Then while waiting to board in Syracuse, the gate attendant comes up to me and says "You look like Rickey Montgomery", and I say that "You look familiar", he then says that "Tamara (Montgomery) says to have a safe flight and he is your new boarding pass, with more room." God is awesome. 

Lastly, I'm missing my wife already. It's only been an hour, but the anticipation of being away from her for 10days is overwhelming. 

Pray for me as I start this journey and I will keep you updated

By His Grace

Pastor Rickey

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