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Day 2 of My Israel Journey

Posted on September 15, 2016 at 9:03 AM
Day 2 of my Israel Journey

Let me begin by saying that Israel is 7 hrs. ahead of Eastern Standard Time.  This means that I am writing this blog at 11:23pm, so that makes it 4:23pm EST.  I’m writing trying to keep my eyes open so I can keep you informed on what is going on in my life while in the Holy Land.

Somebody look at your neighbor and say “This day!”  This has been a day of traveling overnight.  Leaving NYC at 11:55pm on Tuesday, flying for 10hrs and arriving in Tel Aviv at 5pm on Wednesday.  The flight was exhausting and long due to my worst nightmare coming true.  What is that?  Having a person sit next to you that talks a lot and encroaches on my space.  It turns out this Jewish fellow from New Jersey was ok, but he first while sleeping, kept putting his arm on my (yes they were hairy) and everyone that truly knows me, know that I don’t do the touching thing.  After he woke up, he began to talk to me, and talk to me and talk to me and talk to me for seemingly the entire time I was conscious.  I wanted to tell him so badly to stop talking to me, but I figured if I closed my eyes, he would get the hint.  Nope!  He talked and talked some more.  What was he talking about?  Politics!!!! The very thing that I don’t want to talk about with someone I can barely understand.  However, he managed to explain to me (for several hours), how much Obama has not helped America with Obama Care, and how he is voting for Trump because Trump is a business man, and oh yeah, how he admires Russian President Putin.  

As we landed in Israel, the crowd on the plane began to clap; I too began to clap, not because I finally made it to Israel, but rather that my ears can now get some rest.  Wow!

First impressions are truly lasting impressions, and my first impression of Tel Aviv is that it looks like any city you might find in the US.  Full of people living their everyday lives in this busy city.  After arriving to the hotel at 6:50pm, just in time to go to my room, meet my roommate and then meet the rest of the group for dinner at 7pm.  My impression of this group is, God did this.  He has brought 15 people from Buffalo, Syracuse, Virginia, Texas, New Orleans, and Brazil to experience this life changing trip, which will change our lives forever.  I’m thinking and thanking God for this divine connection that will help me birth what God has placed in me.  I’m looking at bettering me, bettering 2G, and better RRM Ministries.  Wow! and it’s only day one.  Stay tuned for Day 2, it’s going to be epic….

Pastor M


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