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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Posted on July 9, 2019 at 9:42 AM
All my adult life I’ve heard “Practice makes perfect”, but it wasn’t until I started taking piano lessons that I found this saying was wrong.  My piano teacher would tell me to slow down and learn the song at a slower tempo, and gradually increase the tempo, so that when I get to the tempo that the song was composed at, I will have practiced it perfectly and therefore perfected the song.  He said that I could practice the song wrong, and eventually I would perfectly master the song wrong.  He stated over and over to me, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”
So this saying can be applied when it comes to hearing the voice of God!  Many have mastered hearing and obeying the wrong voice, or partially hearing the voice of God, and therefore missing out on His divine guidance.  Vs 14 in Hebrews 5 state that the mature person is able to discern good and evil because their senses are trained.  Our spiritual ears must be trained to hear the voice of God, through practice. 
God speaks through an audible voice; His Word; Intuition; a sense something in our spirit.
For a believer to train ones ear; it starts with us being aware that God is always speaking, and then we must obey His voice.  For the believer, when you sense that you have heard God, You MUST obey! For it is by your obedience that you are training your senses to Hear God!  As you continue to obey His voice, you will find that it takes faith and courage to step out and do what He commands, but I guarantee, that if you obey whatever He says, you will experience the abundant Life He has promises you! (Romans 8:14)
Remember “Perfect practice, makes perfect”.
Grace and Peace

Apostle Montgomery Sr.

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